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Dairy products – raw, all grass fed

We are not allowed to list raw, all-grass dairy products in accordance to the Kansas Dairy Law. Section 65-771(cc) states: [“On-farm retail sales of milk or milk products” means the sale of milk or milk products on the farm by the producer from the production of the dairy herd to the final consumer, so long as the person making such sales does not promote the sale of milk or milk products to the public in any manner other than by the erection of a sign upon the premises of the dairy farm.]


Name Available Price
50 lb. Beef Box YES $400.00/box
Beef Cheek YES $8.00/lb.
Beef femur bones YES $4.50/lb
Beef Heart YES $5.00/lb.
Beef Kidney YES $5.00/lb.
Beef knuckle bones YES $4.00/lb
Beef Liver NO $6.00/lb.
Beef Roasts YES $8.00/lb.
Beef short ribs YES $6.00/lb.
Beef Side NO $3.75/lb.
Beef soup bones NO $5.00/lb.
Beef stew meat YES $9.00/lb.
Beef tongue NO $5.00/lb.
Bone broth, beef YES $5.00/qt.
Brisket YES $9.00/lb.
Fajita Strips YES $10.00/lb.
Filet YES $21.00/lb.
Flank Steak NO $12.00/lb.
German Style All Beef Sausage (bulk) YES $8.00/lb.
German style All Beef Sausage (link) YES $8.50/lb.
German style All Beef Sausage (rope) NO $9.00/lb
Ground Beef YES $7.00/lb.
Hamburger Patties YES $8.00/lb.
KC Strip YES $15.00/lb.
Minute Steak YES $12.50/lb.
Ox Tail NO $6.00/lb.
Rib Eye YES $15.00/lb.
Sirloin Steak YES $13.00/lb.


Name Available Price
Baby Back Ribs NO $6.00/lb.
Fresh Side YES $12.00/lb.
Ground pork YES $7.25/lb.
Ham NO $8.00/lb.
Ham hock YES $7.50/lb
Pork Belly NO $11.00/lb.
Pork Chops YES $12.00/lb.
Pork Fat YES $3.00/lb.
Pork femur bones YES $3.50/lb
Pork Jowl NO $8.00/lb
Pork knuckle bones YES $3.50/lb
Pork Liver NO $5.00/lb.
Pork Loin NO $12.00/lb.
Pork shoulder roast YES $9.00/lb.
Pork Side NO $3.50/lb.
Pork spare ribs YES $6.00/lb
Pork tenderloin YES $18.00/lb.
Sausage (bulk) YES $8.00/lb.
Sausage (Link) NO $8.50/lb
Sausage (Rope) NO $8.50/lb.


Name Available Price
Bone broth, chicken YES $5.00/qt.
Chicken Boneless Breast YES $10.00/lb.
Chicken Drumsticks YES $4.50/lb.
Chicken Feed, Fryer YES $0.45/lb
Chicken Feed, Layer YES $0.45/lb.
Chicken Feed, Soy-Free Layer YES $0.60/lb.
Chicken Feed, Starter YES $0.50/lb.
Chicken Feet YES $4.00/pkg
Chicken Hearts YES $8.00/1/2 pint
Chicken Livers YES $6.00/1/2 pint
Chicken Skin YES $5.00/pint
Chicken Thighs YES $6.00/lb.
Chicken Wings YES $4.50/lb.
Chicken, Whole YES $4.25/lb.
Eggs, Chicken YES $5.00/doz.
Eggs, Soy Free YES $5.75/doz.
Small Eggs, Chicken NO $3.00/doz.


Name Available Price
Ground Lamb YES $8.00/lb.
Kabob meat YES $12.00/lb.
Lamb femur bones NO $4.00/lb
Lamb Fries NO $3.00/lb.
Lamb heart NO $5.00/lb.
Lamb Kidney NO $5.00/lb.
Lamb knuckle bones NO $3.50/lb.
Lamb Liver NO $7.00/lb.
Lamb Loin Chops YES $15.00/lb.
Lamb rack YES $12.00/lb.
Lamb Rib Chops YES $12.00/lb
Lamb ribs YES $5.00/lb.
Lamb shank YES $3.50/lb
Lamb shoulder roast YES $8.50/lb.
Lamb Side YES $4.00/lb.
Lamb Stew Meat YES $10.00/lb.
Lamb tenderloin NO $18.00/lb.
Leg of Lamb (bone in) YES $8.50/lb.
Leg of Lamb (boneless) YES $9.50/lb


Name Available Price
Jako Raw Honey (pt.) NO $12.50/pt.
Jako Raw Honey (qt.) NO $22.50/qt.
Raw Honey (pt.) YES $11.00/pt.
Raw Honey (qt.) YES $20.00/qt.
Sweet Potatoes NO $2.50/lb.

Skin Care

Name Available Price
Natural lip balm NO $3.50/.25 oz tin
Sunscreen YES $13.50/2 oz.
Whipped Body Butter (2 oz) YES $13.50/2 oz
Whipped Body Butter (4 oz) YES $24.00/4 oz.


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