Product List


Name Available Price
Butter YES $18.00/lb.
Butter 8 oz. YES $10.00/8 oz.
Butter Buttons (Chocolate Mint) NO $3.50/2 oz
Butter Buttons (Chocolate) NO $3.50/2 oz
Butter Buttons (Peppermint) NO $3.50/2 oz.
Butter oil (16 oz) NO $30.00/16 oz.
Butter oil (4 oz) NO $9.00/4 oz.
Butter oil (8 oz) NO $17.00/8 oz.
Buttermilk NO $2.50/pint
Colostrum (1/2 gal.) YES $11.50/half gal.
Cream (pt.) YES $9.50/pt.
Cream (qt.) YES $18.00/qt.
Cream Cheese NO $4.75/8 oz.
Cream Cheese, Honey Cinnamon NO $5.00/8 oz.
Fresh milk (1/2 gal.) NO $4.25/half gal.
Fresh Milk (gal.) NO $7.50/gal.
Frozen Milk (1/2 gal.) YES $4.75/half gal.
Frozen Milk (8 oz.) YES $1.00/8 oz.
Frozen milk (gal.) YES $8.50/gal.
Kefir YES $4.00/qt
Kefir Pop (Chocolate) YES $8.00/pkg of 8
Kefir Pops (Blueberry) YES $8.00/pkg of 8
Kefir Pops (Vanilla) YES $8.00/pkg of 8
Sqeezable Yogurt YES $8.00/pkg of 8
Whey YES $2.50/half gal
Wholesome Delight (frozen) (1/2 gal.) YES $13.50/half gal
Wholesome Delight (frozen) (8 oz.) YES $4.00/8 oz.
Wholesome Delight Pop (frozen) YES $8.00/pkg of 8
Yogurt Plain NO $4.00/qt.
Yogurt Plain, Greek (Fresh) YES $5.00/pt.
Yogurt Ranch Dip (Frozen) YES $5.00/pint
Yogurt Vanilla NO $4.00/qt.
Yogurt, Plain Greek (Frozen) YES $5.00/pint
Yogurt, Vanilla Greek (Fresh) YES $5.00/pt.
Yogurt, Vanilla Greek (Frozen) YES $5.00/pint


Name Available Price
Aged Cheddar NO $12.00/lb.
Aged Gouda YES $12.00/lb.
Cheddar YES $12.00/lb.
Cheese Curds NO $3.50/6 oz.
Gouda YES $12.00/lb.
Smoked Gouda YES $12.00/lb.
Young Parmesan YES $12.00/lb.


Name Available Price
50 lb. Beef Box YES $400.00/box
Beef Cheek YES $5.00/lb.
Beef femur bones NO $4.50/lb
Beef Heart YES $5.00/lb.
Beef Kidney NO $5.00/lb.
Beef knuckle bones YES $4.00/lb
Beef Liver NO $6.00/lb.
Beef Roasts YES $8.00/lb.
Beef short ribs YES $6.00/lb.
Beef Side NO $3.75/lb.
Beef soup bones NO $5.00/lb.
Beef stew meat YES $9.00/lb.
Beef Sweetbreads NO $8.00/lb
Beef tongue NO $5.00/lb.
Bone broth, beef YES $5.00/qt.
Brisket YES $9.00/lb.
Fajita Strips YES $10.00/lb.
Filet YES $21.00/lb.
Flank Steak NO $10.00/lb.
Flat Iron Steak NO $10.00/lb.
German Style All Beef Sausage (bulk) YES $8.00/lb.
German style All Beef Sausage (link) YES $8.50/lb.
German style All Beef Sausage (rope) NO $9.00/lb
Ground Beef YES $7.00/lb.
Hamburger Patties YES $8.00/lb.
KC Strip YES $13.00/lb.
Minute Steak YES $12.50/lb.
Ox Tail YES $6.00/lb.
Rib Eye YES $15.00/lb.
Sirloin Steak YES $13.00/lb.
Skirt Steak NO $10.00/lb
Tallow YES $15.00/qt.


Name Available Price
Baby Back Ribs NO $6.00/lb.
Fresh Side NO $12.00/lb.
Ground pork YES $7.25/lb.
Ham NO $8.00/lb.
Ham hock YES $7.50/lb
Lard YES $18.00/qt.
Pork Belly NO $11.00/lb.
Pork Chops NO $12.00/lb.
Pork Fat YES $3.00/lb.
Pork femur bones YES $3.50/lb
Pork Heart NO $4.00/lb.
Pork Jowl NO $8.00/lb
Pork Kidney NO $4.00/lb.
Pork knuckle bones YES $3.50/lb
Pork Liver NO $5.00/lb.
Pork Loin NO $12.00/lb.
Pork shoulder roast YES $9.00/lb.
Pork Side NO $3.50/lb.
Pork spare ribs YES $6.00/lb
Pork tenderloin NO $18.00/lb.
Sausage (bulk) YES $8.00/lb.
Sausage (Link) NO $8.50/lb
Sausage (Rope) NO $8.50/lb.


Name Available Price
Bone broth, chicken YES $5.00/qt.
Chicken Boneless Breast YES $10.00/lb.
Chicken Carcass YES $3.00/lb.
Chicken Drumsticks YES $4.50/lb.
Chicken Feed, Fryer NO $0.45/lb
Chicken Feed, Layer YES $0.45/lb.
Chicken Feed, Soy-Free Layer YES $0.60/lb.
Chicken Feed, Starter NO $0.50/lb.
Chicken Feet YES $4.00/pkg
Chicken Hearts YES $8.00/1/2 pint
Chicken Livers YES $6.00/1/2 pint
Chicken Skin YES $5.00/pint
Chicken Thighs YES $6.00/lb.
Chicken Wings YES $4.50/lb.
Chicken, Whole YES $4.25/lb.
Eggs, Chicken YES $5.00/doz.
Eggs, Small, Soy Free NO $3.00/doz.
Eggs, Soy Free YES $5.75/doz.


Name Available Price
Ground Lamb YES $8.00/lb.
Kabob meat YES $12.00/lb.
Lamb femur bones NO $4.00/lb
Lamb Fries NO $3.00/lb.
Lamb heart NO $5.00/lb.
Lamb Kidney NO $5.00/lb.
Lamb knuckle bones YES $3.50/lb.
Lamb Liver NO $7.00/lb.
Lamb Loin Chops YES $15.00/lb.
Lamb rack YES $12.00/lb.
Lamb Rib Chops YES $12.00/lb
Lamb ribs YES $5.00/lb.
Lamb shank YES $3.50/lb
Lamb shoulder roast YES $8.50/lb.
Lamb Side NO $4.00/lb.
Lamb Stew Meat YES $10.00/lb.
Lamb tenderloin NO $18.00/lb.
Leg of Lamb (bone in) YES $8.50/lb.
Leg of Lamb (boneless) YES $9.50/lb


Name Available Price
Caraway Kraut YES $7.00/pint
Jako Raw Honey (pt.) NO $12.50/pt.
Jako Raw Honey (qt.) NO $22.50/qt.
Jako Stand Up for Soil Mug YES $22.00/mug
Jako Stand Up for Soil T-shirt YES $20.00/each
Naked Kraut NO $7.00/pint
Raw Honey (pt.) YES $11.00/pt.
Raw Honey (qt.) YES $20.00/qt.
Red Kraut YES $7.00/pint
Sweet Potatoes YES $2.50/lb.

Skin Care

Name Available Price
Natural lip balm NO $3.50/.25 oz tin
Sunscreen YES $13.50/2 oz.
Whipped Body Butter (2 oz) YES $13.50/2 oz
Whipped Body Butter (4 oz) YES $24.00/4 oz.


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