What does the name ‘Jako’ mean?

When Ken and Judy King took over management of the family farm in the 1970s, they named the farm ‘Jako., Inc’ which later became ‘Jako Farm.’  This was derived from their names:  Judith Ann and Kenneth Oliver.

Where is JaKo located?

Our farm is located southeast of Hutchinson, Kansas along the Arkansas River.  You are welcome to visit; however, please call ahead to schedule an appointment.  We are a working farm and are not always available to greet new customers.

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Where can I buy your products?

All of our products can be purchased in our self-serve store on the farm.  You will not find Jako Farm products in stores or at farmer’s markets.  Please call ahead  (620-663-1470) to schedule your first visit.

Do you accept credit cards?

We welcome cash and check payments.  We are not set up to accept credit cards.

Do you ship products?

We do not ship products.  We believe there is great value in having our customers see where their food is produced.

Are raw dairy products really healthier?

Absolutely!  Pasteurization and homogenization kill a majority of the vital components of raw milk.  In addition, pasteurization renders a majority of the calcium insoluble. Commercial milk can also contain toxic drug residues, antibiotics, larvicides, pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals.

Conversely, raw, all-grass milk contains enzymes and bacteria that have been shown to strengthen your immune system, develop healthy bacteria in your intestines and reduce the risks of everything from respiratory disease to obesity.

Raw, all-grass milk is TRULY a healthier alternative.  For more information on raw milk, visit:  www.raw-milk-facts.com

Why is raw, all-natural food more expensive than the grocery store?

We set our prices based on the cost of raising the food, plus a modest living wage for our family.  So, why is grocery store food so cheap?  There are a few reasons:  1)The food you buy in the grocery store comes from large, commodity producers who look for the cheapest production methods possible.  They feed synthetic supplements to animals to help them grow faster, they spray herbicides and insecticides to get the biggest and best, and pack the end product full of preservatives for a longer shelf life.  2)  Food you purchase in the store is less nutrient dense.  You’ll need to eat more of it to feel full.

Our conclusion?  We believe that if you eat low quality food, you will have low quality health and will pay for expensive medical care in the long run.  If you eat high quality, nutrient-dense food, it’s not more expensive.  You won’t eat as much of it, and you’ll have extreme health benefits in the long run.

Are you on Facebook?

We are!  Check us out at:  www.facebook.com/JaKofarm.  There, you’ll see the latest pictures and daily events on the farm.

Other resources on raw, all-natural foods:

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