• Winterize your body (and your freezer!)

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    Don’t let winter get you down.
    There are so many things that can help keep you happy and healthy this winter.  Here are some of our JakoPure favorites:
    Safe, simple, JakoPure Body butter
    JakoPure Body butter starts with our very own JakoPure beef tallow, which is incredibly healing and nourishing.  (Did you know beef tallow is very similar to human skin in it’s amino acid composition?  That’s why it works so well.)  We add in some organic olive oil and high quality essential oils, do our magic, and it’s lotion!  Body butter is safe for anyone’s skin (even babies) and is a winter ‘must have’ for dry skin or chapped lips.
    Immune-boosting Wholesome Delight
    Wholesome Delight is a Jako Farm original that has transformed the health of nearly everyone who drinks it!  It’s a mix of nutritious dairy products at Jako Farm– colostrum, yogurt, and kefir– with some raw apple cider and honey stirred in for flavor.  It tastes great AND it’ll combat any winter bug that comes your way.  This is one weapon you’ll want to keep at the ready all winter long.
    Bulk lamb, to keep your freezer full and your family happy
    If you love JakoPure lamb and you have a bit of freezer space, consider buying in bulk.  JakoPure lamb makes great lamb stew, lamb roast with root vegetables, skillet lamb meat balls, and so many more comfort foods of winter.  And there’s nothing like meat in the freezer to make cooking more fun.
    The nitty gritty details:

    When you buy a whole lamb, the price is $4.00/lb hanging weight plus an additional $1.10 per pound to Yoder Meats for processing. This means a whole lamb averages $350 (total cost).  About 60-75% of the hanging weight is take home meat, which means you’ll receive 30-40 pounds depending on the individual lamb size and what cuts you order. Your take home cost of meat will be about $8.50 per pound.
    This is the last call for whole lamb orders!  Click the button below.
    JakoPure lambs are born and raised on our pastures. They are 100% grassfed and have the most tender, mild meat. In fact, we just served lamb to a gathering of 100 farmers and they loved it! (We actually didn’t tell them what meat it was until after the meal was over. They were so surprised.)

    Lambs will go to the butcher next week.   If this is new for you, we’d be happy to answer any questions. Just reply to this email, click the button above, or call Robyn at 620-663-1470.
    Here’s to happy, healthy families this winter,

    –All of us at Jako Farm
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