• Winter wonderland, healthy holiday snacks, and more!

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    A winter wonderland on the farm
    Summon your inner child and a snowy world is a magical place!  We celebrated the snow this week with an annual tradition at Jako Farm:  pasture sledding.  Do do this, all you need is:

       1.  Something to ride on (aka. an innertube or car hood, pictured below)
       2.  Something to pull you (aka. a tractor or chore car, picture below)
       3.  A long rope
       4.  A wide open space
       5.  An adventurous spirit
    Put those together, and you get some exhilarating adventures!  We took turns pulling each other down the road, spinning in circles in the yard, and flying over bumps in the pasture.  We all acted like kids, which is a virtue we all need to exercise every so often.
    Do the animals like the snow?
    All of the animals at Jako Farm have thick coats for the winter, so they hardly feel the cold.  During the winter they all live in pastures close to the farm where trees provide protection from the wind, so they’re cozy and comfortable.  The chickens can go inside their house if they want extra warmth, the sows build big straw and hay nests to stay warm, the sheep snuggle up together, and the cows happily dig their noses through the snow to keep on munching.  Everyone is snug and tight, despite the weather.
    Add healthy snacks to your holiday fare
    There are plenty of ways to add healthy options to your festive spread!  Here are just a few:  serve JakoPure Ranch dip with assorted vegetables, cube or slice JakoPure cheese, use JakoPure cream cheese in fruit/vegetable dips, or try our recipe for homemade eggnog!  There are so many ways to stay healthy over the holidays.
    (You can also pick up this recipe card when you come to the farm store.)
    Happy Christmas cooking to all!

    –All of us at Jako Farm
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