• At the end of the year: a mirror of questions

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    Looking back helps us look forward.
    It’s the last day of the year.  Will it slip by like any other day?  Or will you (and I) take time to reflect on the year that has been?  Consider these reflections about 2019:
    What did I learn this year?

    What new thoughts visited me?
    At Jako Farm, 2019 has been a year of refining our vision.  We’ve learned so much about the impact of our actions on the soil, and how the health of our soil is the foundation for our personal health and that of the planet.  We launched an initiative called “Stand Up For Soil” and gathered our community together to learn more.  We continue to champion this initiative, and you’ll hear more about it in 2020!  We want to create more and greater opportunities for us to work collaborate for the good of our health and planet.
    What influenced my thoughts?

    What did I read?
    Here are some of our favorite reads from 2019:

    Robyn’s pick:  Kiss the Ground by Josh Tickell
    Daniel’s pick:  Love Does by Bob Goff
    Kendra’s pick:  PrairyErth by William Least Heat-Moon, River Flow by David Whyte
    Ken’s pick:  Beating Guns by Shane Claiborne
    What dreams did I create?

    What did I begin that might endure?
    At Jako Farm, we have big dreams for 2020.  We dream of a world where food heals us and heals the soil.  We dream of greater collaboration with farmers, consumers, doctors, educators, and people of all ages to partner to care for the earth, not rob from it.  We dream of more farms catching a vision for soil regeneration as Ken mentors them.  We dream of pure and healthy food making a significant impact on the nationwide food industry.  We dream of more conferences like “Soil Health U” and more documentaries like “Farmer’s Footprint” to help us learn more.
    We are just one piece of a larger network of people all working together, and we’re confident that the work we’re doing together will have lasting impact.
    For further reflection, consider these:
    If you find reflection helpful, here are more thoughts to ponder.  The following questions– and those referenced above– are gratefully adapted from John O’Donohue’s book To Bless the Space Between Us:

    Where (or to what) was I blind in 2019?
    Where was I hurt without noticing?
    What did I avoid that needed my care?
    What took most of my time?  Did it line up with my values?
    What took most of my resources?  Did it line up with my values?
    Where or with whom did I feel most myself?
    From the evidence, why was I given this past year?
    To a meaningful new season from our family to yours… Happy New Year!

    — All of us at Jako Farm
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