• Be thankful and rooted, in more ways than one

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    Pause a moment.
    In exactly one day, the holiday season begins.   First it’s Thanksgiving (which contains very little time to actually be thankful) followed by a flurry of weeks of running wildly and shopping madly and a host of other activities that are hollow and empty at their core.

    There is deeper soul substance yearning to be discovered.
    So just pause.
    This is the time to be rooted in thankfulness.
    There are family dinners.  There is shopping to do and presents to wrap and kids home from school, yes.  Life does get busier.  But let’s all carve out time to be rooted.

    Let’s root ourselves to the people who grow our food and make our gifts and deliver our papers.  These are the relationships that make up the substance of our lives.  Let’s pause to be thankful for the sound of leaves blowing down the street or the giggles from the next room, for the sound of coffee brewing and the feel of crisp air in our lungs.
    There are things to be thankful for in every situation, even with a turkey staring you down from inside the fridge and a mountain of recipes to prepare.
    Be rooted in your food’s story.
    Cook, yes. But crack your eggs with intention, knowing that the shells you are holding were made by chickens who watch the sun rise and set each day. Slice the cheese with joy, knowing that the cows who gave the milk to make the cheese are making the soil healthier, not depleting our resources. Toss the salad with gratefulness, knowing that local farmers who grew the greens are making a living because of you.
    Every little choice matters. And when you sit down at the table, you’ll eat with a full heart, knowing that you have made a difference. You have stood up for what you believe in. And you have taken the time to recognize it.
    Be rooted in your family’s story.
    Create a story for yourself or your family that reflects your values.

    The decorations at big stores are perfectly coordinated, beautiful and enticing.  But you could also make decorations out of items in your own home, and find yourself entering the season with intentionality.  You might even work together and laugh together and tell stories and make memories.
    Yes, there are perfect gifts for everyone to be bought and ordered and shipped overnight.  But that’s not the only option.  Maybe there’s a family heirloom ready to be gifted to the next generation.  Or maybe something made or baked by hand would be treasured even more.
    And when you shop, do so carefully.
    When you shop for food or gifts (or anything really), you place value.  With each dollar, you are saying “This is important to me.”  As much as you can, support businesses that are doing the right thing.
    Find farmers who are growing sustainable and ethical food, caring for the soil.  Buy gifts from companies who pay fair wages and support artisans worldwide.  And when you do go to the big stores to buy the toilet paper and things (because you can’t avoid it altogether), practice being thankful for the ability to have those things.
    We are so thankful for you!
    As one of those businesses who tries to do the right thing, we know how valuable customers like you are.

    Thank you for supporting our farm.  Thank you for helping us grow food on a farm that cares for the plants and animals.  Because you shop at Jako Farm, we are able to return nutrients to the soil, improve water quality, and enhance the health of our earth.
    Thank you for joining our movement to Stand Up For Soil, which we intend to continue for a very long time.  Because of you, we are able to mentor a growing movement of farmers– both locally and globally– who are also taking a stand to heal the land.  We are powerful when we join together, and you are part of a bigger movement– bigger than you or us or Jako Farm– that is making a difference on the global stage.
    We are standing up for something.  We are being thankful and rooted.  And we are all doing this together, one small decision at a time.
    Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

    — All of us at Jako Farm
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