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    A big THANK YOU for standing with us!
    Three hundred and fifty people from Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma showed up to our big event last week. For many, it was the first visit to Jako Farm.  It was an incredible evening together!
    Here are some of our favorite moments:
    We re-seeded part of the pasture that had been damaged by this spring’s flood.  Many also roamed about looking at the animals.
    We ate wonderful JakoPure soups together and enjoyed some fabulous conversation and live music.  (Recipe cards for the soups are still available in the farm store.)

     In addition, all of the bowls, cups, plates, and spoons were made from compostable materials. Because of this, nearly all of our waste went directly to the compost pile to help nourish the soil.
    From our group of 350 people, we collected only one very small bag of trash!
    Candy Thomas from NRCS mesmerized everyone with her rainfall simulator demonstration. As she turned on the “rain,” even the kids were spellbound to watch water being absorbed into healthy, un-tilled soil (the run-off bucket was empty!), while the water ran right off the soil that was tilled and lacked soil life (the run-off collection bucket was full and muddy!).  We’ve heard from many of you that this was an “a-ha moment”.
    We were then able to gather together in the roundtop to watch the Farmer’s Footprint documentary, followed by a panel discussion.  (Find it online at Farmer’s Footprint if you missed it or want to share it with others.)

    And a BIG thanks to our panelists:
    Gail Fuller- G & L Whole Food
    Nicol Ragland (film director)
    (Find the panel discussion here if you missed the conversation.)
    While the film and panel discussion were happening, the kids were having an event of their own! They rotated through stations:  composting story time, an interactive singing circle time, and a carnival featuring soil health games.  But best of all, the kids created a mural made out of different types of mud/soil.
    We have heard from many of you that the evening exposed you to new information and ideas. Thank you for being willing to hear the hard stuff.  We want to create a community that can talk about the broken system that has been created and work on these issues together.
    Stand Up For Soil shirts and mugs
    Stand Up For Soil wherever you go with ethically-sourced t-shirts and mugs– available in the farm store!

    Special orders for sweatshirts, kids’ shirts, and long-sleeve t’s are due very soon.  Email kendra@jakofarm.com to place your order!
    Do you have specific questions after attending the event? Please reply to this email and we will provide you with further resources. We would also love feedback about the event.
    Thanks for being a great community!
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