• Stand Up for Soil on October 12!

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    It’s time to stand up for soil.
    Thirty years ago Ken decided to trust that God had created our land and animals to work together in harmony instead of separated and manipulated by man. He started by turning the cows out to graze the pastures for their food instead of delivering grains, silage, or hay to them. Then he let the good bugs take on the fight against the bad bugs instead of spraying the fields with chemicals, which kill both the harmful and beneficial bugs.

    Fifteen years ago the farm store opened and a new chapter began. You trusted us to produce the purest food possible to feed you and your families. Since then, we’ve built a pretty amazing community of Jako members.
    This is now the beginning of the next chapter at Jako Farm. This year we have learned from UN reports that we have 60 years of harvest remaining and we have only about 11 years to change that statistic. A recent article in the Washington Post says that “Everything is Not Going to Be Okay: How to Live with Constant Reminders that the Earth is in Trouble.”

    We have called this “The Year of Soil Health” at Jako Farm. Now, we’ve decided it is time to bring more attention to the soil through action and advocacy.
    On October 12, we’re calling everyone to

    Stand Up for Soil.
    It will be an evening event like none other.  We’re so excited, we can barely sleep.
    We want to create a space where farmers, consumers, children, doctors, parents, and everyone can come together to talk and learn more about how soil health = food quality = human health. Plants and animals raised in nutrient rich soil create nutrient rich food.
    We want to talk about how the environmental impacts of farming practices connect with your aunt recently diagnosed with breast cancer, your grandson suffering from multiple food allergies, or your mom being diagnosed with Parkinson’s.
    This event is NOT to bash anyone’s farming practices. It’s not to talk politics. It IS to acknowledge that we are all part of a broken system. Farmers are strugglingright now and their suicide rates are climbing. Frighteningly, 46% of American children now have a chronic health disease. Many of us struggle to know how to pay for health insurance. We cannot turn our back on these realities.
    But we also want to have some fun and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us at Jako Farm!

    We’ll have hayrides out to the pasture where we will scatter seeds to help reseed grasses, clover, sunflowers, and other vegetation lost in the spring floods.
    We’ll learn from multiple presenters and interactive displays with practical steps forward.
    We’ll enjoy live music, a farm to table meal, and a bonfire to roast s’mores.
    We’ll have the silo available for climbing and activities for kids to also learn about soil health.
    The highlight of the event will be a screening of the documentary Farmer’s Footprint, about a path to soil health and food independence. Following the 20-minute film, we will have a moderated panel discussion featuring the film’s director, a medical doctor, a regenerative farmer, and a consumer.
    We at Jako Farm can no longer just go about life, farming and pretending that everything will be okay. The regenerative agriculture movement is growing and we are fully on board.  Will you join us?
    Saturday, October 12, from 4-8pm, at Jako Farm

     The event is free with an encouraged donation for the meal.
    -Your farmers, Robyn and Daniel
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