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    You spoke, we listened!
    Goodness, we love making our members happy.  So when you asked, “Could you sell that Ranch dip so I don’t have to make it myself?” we did.  And now lots of people are enjoying it.  Then you said, “Why don’t you sell your yogurt frozen?” and we said “good idea!”  Next, “Can we pay online?”  Yep, now you can.

    We can’t make everything happen, but we do love to know what you wish for.  Would you just love to have single serving pouches of JakoPure Ranch dressing?  Do you wish the JakoPure cream came in a different size?  Is there a different flavor of something you’d love to try?  Let us know and we’ll look into it!
    Here are some changes at Jako Farm based on your ideas:
    We’ve begun making JakoPure Ranch dip from our plain Greek yogurt, and we can hardly make it fast enough.  The first tasters tell us they gobble it down, which is just fine with everyone since it’s packed with goodness and flavor.
    JakoPure Greek yogurt (both plain and vanilla) and JakoPure Ranch dip are now available frozen as well as fresh.  When thawed, they’re nearly identical to the fresh thing.
    Now, paying is even easier with Venmo (@JakoFarm) or Cash App ($JakoFarm).  Cash and checks are still accepted in the farm store, too!
    Fall birds go outside to roost
    The weather is cooling down, which is the perfect time to take our fall chicks outside.  These young things will graze on pasture for the next few months until they’re big and plump and ready to butcher.  They’ve been in temperature-controlled housing for the first two weeks while their bodies adjust to the variable temps, and now they’re seeing bugs and grass for the first time.  They think it’s a pretty big treat.
    Wanted:  yard debris for compost
    As you embark on fall yard care, don’t take grass clippings, leaves, and dead plants to the landfill!  Bring them to Jako Farm, where we can turn them into rich nutrients for our soil.  Our compost pile has grown large and diverse this summer, thanks to you.  The micro-organisms in healthy compost can turn just about any natural material into lovely food for our pastures.  What can we accept and not accept?  See below!
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