• Back-to-school lunches, Jako-style (plus a big sneak peek!)

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    Lunch boxes bursting with nutrition

    As a parent, the most daunting part of school is the lunch.  (Can I get an amen?)  I want their lunch box to be full of pure, nutritious, wholesome food.  They want it to be tasty and not look weird in front of their friends.  And this lunch-making challenge must be accomplished every… single… morning.

    At Jako Farm, we’ve put our heads together and created a great list of 6 awesome, JakoPure lunch-box packers that are quick and easy:

    1. JakoPure hard-boiled eggs—  peeled or unpeeled, take your pick!  Sprinkle on some salt, and they’re tasty and stick to your ribs, as Grandma used to say.  Make up a dozen and they’re ready to go all week.
    2. JakoPure little milks— it’s JakoPure raw, all grass milk, but in individual 8-oz jugs!  Use a little milk every day as an ice pack, and it’ll be thawed by lunch time.
    3. JakoPure squeezable yogurt— it’s vanilla Greek yogurt in a squeeze tube!  Stick it in frozen and by lunch it’ll be squeezable like yogurt should be.  (These don’t look weird, either.  Thanks to the go-gurt craze, they actually look quite cool.)
    4. JakoPure cheese curds— Whether you prefer your cheese in curds, cubes, or sliced, they’re all great options for nutritious, brain-food.  And cheese doesn’t care if it gets a bit warm before lunch.
    5. JakoPure cooked chicken— Cold chicken is still tasty, and it’s fun, too, if it’s on skewers with cheese cubes and cherry tomatoes.  Or throw it in a sandwich or wrap.
    6. JakoPure ranch dressing— What kid doesn’t love veggie dip?  Here’s the recipe for our plain Greek yogurt, made into ranch dip.  And since it’s so healthy, there’s no need for them to use sparingly.
    And don’t miss this…

    We’re bringing back the party!!

    Mark your calendars for Saturday, October 12 from about 4:00-8:00pm–  It’s the new, redesigned farm party and you’re not going to want to miss it!  Seriously.  We can’t wait to tell you all the fantastic things we have planned.  We’ll share all the details soon… so dig out your flannel shirt, dream of fall, and look forward to an amazing evening together.

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