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    Fire up the grill, the JakoPure meat is calling

    Not much beats a summer cookout– good friends, kids laughing, great music, the delicious smells… And when you feel good about the food you’re eating, it makes it all the better.   So grab some JakoPure steaks, chops, burgers, or brats and make it a party this summer!  (And get this– I always volunteer to bring brats when we’re invited to someone else’s cookout.  When given the option of grilled JakoPure brats or store hot dogs, my kids pick brats every time.  That’s a nutritional win in my book.)

    Hallelujah, toads, keep eating those insects

    Thanks to all the flooding and standing water earlier this summer, we have thousands of toads at Jako Farm!  Do you?  It’s like the plague of Egypt– toads hopping everywhere.  But did you know that toads eat mosquito larvae, keeping the mosquito population down?  It’s the silver lining to all that flood hardship.  With fewer mosquitoes and more toads, this little nature-lover (and all of us) are loving being outside.

    Take in the simple things

    Fireflies love warm, muggy weather… which may explain why we have so many of them right now, too!  Take your kids-of-all-ages outside at dusk and join in the glee of catching these magical light-up beetles.  (We love collecting them in a glass jar and then releasing them before going inside.  Don’t kill them, these little guys are valuable to our ecosystem.)  If you don’t have fireflies near you, come to Jako Farm at dusk and love it up.

    Storytime voted #1 Jako event of the summer

    If you have preschooler near you, bring them to Jako Farm on Thursday, July 11 at 10am for our next story time!   We don’t have enough good words to describe how fantastic it is.   Each story time has a farm-related theme, and the stories, crafts, songs, and games all teach the theme.  Everyone who comes loves it!  We’re so thankful to our Jako-friend, Alia, for making it all happen.

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