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    Geese rule the chicken roost

    Did you know that geese make good watch dogs?  In their loud, bossy and somewhat high-strung manner, they warn anyone around them about things that make them nervous.  We’ve decided to put this quality to good use.  Bonding them to the layer chickens, we’ll use their skills in the pasture to warn the chickens about approaching predators (like hawks) so the chickens can get to safety.  (Sounds crazy, but we like trying unconventional things.)

    Our first batch of layer chicks and geese are growing together nicely, and everyone seems to be getting along nicely.  But we’ve noticed that the geese have one very unusual habit.  Every morning when the sun comes up, the small door in the side of the layer house opens and the chickens and geese come out to graze.  The chickens quickly learned that when they leave the door, they must hop or fly down about 12 inches to the ground below.  Not the geese!   Every morning, they walk through the door, stretch their wings, and look up at the sky.  And every morning as they look up, they promptly walk off the edge of the step and fall headfirst to the ground.  Every goose does it, every day.  Will they remember eventually?  Or will they continue the morning comedy sketch?  Only time will tell…

    It’s the bulls’ time to shine

    Sage, Simon, and Titus spend most of the year down on the river pasture.  They have a lazy life, mostly.  In fact, they only work for 6 weeks a year when it’s breeding time.  And that time is here!  Sage, Simon, and Titus are now living with the cows for a few weeks, and in nine months, we’ll be expecting lots of baby calves.  So put on some Frank Sinatra, break open the bubbly, and wish the bulls a successful breeding season this summer.

    Now, more ways to pay!

    In addition to cash or check, you can now pay Jako Farm by using Venmo(@JakoFarm) or Cash App ($JakoFarm).  With more options, you can now choose what method works best for you!

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