• 5 cool snacks for hot weather!

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    Stay cool when temps get hot

    When it’s hot, all we want is cold food!   Here are some of our favorites this summer.  These are sure to cool you off and keep your family happy and healthy to boot.

    My pick:  Whipped cream with fresh berries

    Nothing beats the heat like some crisp fruit and fresh whipped cream.  Never made it before?  Here’s the magic recipe.   It’s so simple… and you might fall in love with it, too.

    Ken’s cool pick:
    Fresh cream + Vanilla Greek yogurt

    Ken loves to mix equal parts cream and Vanilla Greek yogurt and pour it over fresh fruit, cobbler, or just about anything else found in a bowl.  The flavor combination is out of this world.

    Judy’s cool pick:
    Yogurt dip with fresh veggies

    This veggie dip tastes like Ranch dip, but it’s made from JakoPure plain Greek yogurt.  It’s fantastically refreshing with some cool, crisp veggies.  No more rationing condiments, this is so healthy you could eat it with a spoon. (How to make yogurt dip)

    The boys’ cool pick:  Chocolate kefir pops

    Think “healthy-kefir-meets-fudgesicle” and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how delicious these chocolate kefir pops can be.  On a hot day, these kids can down half a dozen each.  But no worries!  Each kefir pop is packed with beneficial nutrition that keeps your tummy healthy.  (Also available in vanilla; blueberry will be available next week.)

    Robyn’s cool pick:
    Homemade vanilla ice cream

    This is the best homemade ice cream we’ve ever made.  And it’s so full of JakoPure goodness, you can eat it by the bowlfull, guilt-free.  (Full recipe here.)

    You’ve been asking, “when can we experience the farm?”

    This spring, we promised to open the farm to everyone for more tours and experiences.  But so far, nothing has happened.  What’s up?

    We’re glad you asked!  We still plan to make this dream a reality.  However, with all the flooding this spring, much of the farm is still inaccessible to hay rides or experiences.  We’re putting our heads together to plan some fun times on the farm just as soon as the land is conducive.

    Don’t forget:  preschool story time this Thursday

    Thursday at 10:00am, come for story time, crafts, games, and a JakoPure snack!  The theme for this story time is “chickens.”  So practice your best cock-a-doodle-doo and we’ll see you there!

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