• Put on your rain boots and celebrate our community

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    Daniel, Luke, and Ken check for breaches in the levee.

    When you’re forced to ponder what’s really important

    Remember that time when you were a kid and the power went out and you played board games on the living room floor with a flashlight?  And then when the lights came back on, you couldn’t believe how bright the lights were and how much you appreciated them?

    That’s a little like we’re feeling right now, except it’s a flood instead of a power outage, and the games we’re playing are more like “who can find a dry corner of pasture for the animals.”  It’s been two weeks, and we’re still waiting for the waters to recede.

    Right now, most of the pasture can only be reached by tractor (all the normal farm vehicles get stuck), so all the chores take longer.  The chickens are in portable pens up by the barn because they don’t like to get their feet wet.  We’ve fed hundreds of gallons of good milk to the pigs because members can’t get to the farm.  And the river continues to rise.

    It’s a little tiring, if we’re totally honest.

    And you know this, too, right?  We’ve heard many stories from members facing similar damages.   Flooded basements, washed out roads, or flooded gardens are no small thing to overcome.  We stand with you, and you are not alone.

    A whole passel of neighbors and friends showed up to help fill sandbags.
    But in the midst of all the trials, the most magical things happen.  Friends and neighbors show up to fill sandbags just when we need it most.  The sun breaks through the clouds and the vibrant green colors of the pasture sparkle, thanks to all the rain.  A customer walks in the drive wearing muck boots to get food, and we’re so thankful.

    Why do we so easily take these things for granted?  It’s in the midst of the flood that the good moments seem even more beautiful.  And when the lights come back on (okay, when the sun comes back out), we will be that much more thankful for the beauty around us that somehow we stopped noticing.


    In the midst of all the tension and hard work, there was also this bit of humor– big catfish started swimming down the road!

    Daniel and Robyn caught more than 30 fish and returned them safely to the river, and it was just the lighthearted break we needed.

    You have no idea how much your farmers love you

    Having virtually no members at the farm for two weeks has made us all a little crazy!  And it’s reminded us of this very simple truth:

    We are all part of a powerful community that makes pure food possible.  We are so interconnected, we couldn’t exist in this sphere of healthy living without each other.

    Everything we do at Jako Farm is for the health of your family and ours.  The sheep that we care for, the chicken that we butcher, the cows that we milk… it’s spiritual, really.   We believe so strongly in the powerful healing ability of pure food.  And it’s taken a natural disaster to remind us how vital our community of foodies really is.

    So put on your rain boots.  Don’t let a little adverse weather stop you from supporting your local farmers.  Go to the farmer’s market even if it is raining.  Come to the farm and let us bring your food to you by canoe.

    Whatever it takes, preserve this food-loving, health-striving, people-cherishing community that we are.  

    So stand a little taller.  Hold your head higher.  You aren’t just a consumer, you’re a member.  You belong to us, and we belong to you.  Take that, grocery stores– you may sell good food, but we’re building a community.

    How can we get JakoPure food to you?

    Whatever it takes, we’ll help get JakoPure food to you!  Here are a few options:

    1. If you come to the farm, drive to the corner of Eales and Mayfield, call us, and we’ll bring food out to your car.
    2. If you don’t want to take your chances on the gravel roads, we can meet at my house in Yoder.  Call Robyn with your order (620-663-1470) and we’ll meet you in Yoder within a few hours
    3. We’re waiving all delivery fees for the Wichita delivery on June 4.  If you live in the metro area, this is a deal you can’t pass up.  Let me know if you’ve never used the online order platform and I’ll get you set up!

    Keep checking Instagram or Facebook for daily road updates.  Together, we can bring a (metaphorical) ray of sunshine to this soggy corner of the world.

    And, hey, one last thing!  Check out this good news below!

    We’re fully re-stocked with chicken!

    We have all cuts of chicken back in the farm store– and there’s plenty for the having!  We’re all pretty excited to eat JakoPure chicken again after being sold out for several weeks.  Enjoy!

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