• Simply elegant leg of lamb, this week in pictures, plus more!

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    Leg of lamb:  Easter show-stopper

    You don’t need to be Julia Childs to make this massively impressive leg of lamb for Easter dinner.  You don’t even need experience cooking lamb, frankly.  As long as you can peel a few things and mix a few things together, the oven will do the rest.  Start with one JakoPure leg of lamb (bone in), gather a few extra ingredients listed in the recipe (linked above), and you’re nearly done!  So put on that apron, empowered cook, and wow your guests on Sunday.  This leg of lamb wins every time.

    Have you found a surprise egg?

    We’ve hidden some fake eggs in random egg cartons in the farm store, and one might be in your fridge right now!  We know they’ve all left Jako Farm, but not all of them have been found.  Could you be a lucky winner?  When you find an impostor, return it to Jako Farm for a prize!

    Kitchen scraps help feed our soil

    Did you know the banana peel you’re throwing away has the power to feed our soil?  Or those coffee grounds?  Or chicken bones?  Don’t just trash your food scraps, bring them to Jako Farm to be composted!  By pooling our waste resources, we can all work together to improve the nutrients in the soil at Jako Farm. It’s one way to give back to the land that gives us such great food.  Here’s a list of everything we can compost, and also what we can’t.  Also, check out our great compost collection bags available in the farm store!

    6 days ’til fresh milk!

    Don’t set up camp outside the farm store (although you know you’ve done crazier things)… but it is incredibly exciting!  Fresh milk will be here soon.  The earliest spring milk is the most nutrient dense compared with milk produced any other time during the year.  In fact, next week we’ll tell you why some natural health experts call it ‘liquid gold.’  Make plans to come to the farm next week and get some!

    This week at Jako Farm, in pictures

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