• How to save hundreds on JakoPure beef (Order your side now!)

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    Hello bulk beef, goodbye empty freezer

    If you’ve ever wished for a magic freezer fairy to keep you fully stocked, your wish is granted.  Buying beef in bulk is your answer.

    No matter how crazy your day, how many extra errands you had to run or how many hours the kids had to spend with the babysitter, when everyone comes home tired and frazzled, you have the power to redeem all the chaos of the day with a good meal around the table.

    And there is nothing worse than planning that meal only to get home, open the freezer and THAT CUT OF MEAT IS NOT THERE.   And somehow, this is the biggest crisis of the day because so much is riding on this important mothering job that you do.

    If your life is like mine, there is a cure for this, my friend.

    Buy in bulk.

    The term ‘bulk beef’ means buying beef by the quarter or half animal (also called a side).  If you have freezer space to spare, it’s the best way to stock up on JakoPure beef at a pretty big savings.  We’re talking hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying all those cuts individually from Jako Farm.

    Consider this:

    Quarter beef

    Beef half (side)

    How much meat?

    100-125 lbs

    200-250 lbs

    Approximate cost per lb:



    What it includes:
    (you customize this)

    15-20 lbs roasts

    4 lbs stew meat

    15-20 lbs steaks

    2 lbs fajita meat

    2 lbs brisket

    2 lbs short ribs

    4 lbs soup bones

    1 lb liver

    10 lbs bones for bone broth

    45-50 lbs ground beef

    30-40 lbs roasts

    8 lbs stew meat

    30-40 lbs steaks

    4 lbs fajita meat

    4 lbs brisket

    4 lbs short ribs

    8 lbs soup bones

    2 lbs liver

    20 lbs bones for bone broth

    90-100 lbs ground beef

    To haul it, you’ll need:

    3 ice chests

    6 ice chests

    Freezer space:

    4 cubic feet

    7 cubic feet

    What to budget:



    All cuts, at ground beef prices

    Buying bulk beef saves money.  About $280, actually, if you’re buying a side ($140 for a quarter, compared to buying all of those cuts individually).  What it all adds up to is this– in a side or quarter, you get all the cuts of meat at roughly the price of ground beef.

    Buying bulk beef can be a little tricky, but we’ll walk you through every step of the process.  Here’s what you can expect:

    How it works:

    1. Click the button below to place your order for a side or quarter of beef.  (These will be butchered from June through August.)  No money is due at this time.
    2. Once a butcher date has been confirmed, we’ll send you an email.  We’ll also send along a guide for placing cut instructions with the butcher.  You’ll work directly with the Yoder Meats to get the exact cuts of meat to fit your family.
    3. After the beef is butchered, we’ll do a taste test for tenderness and flavor.  After it’s approved, the butcher will cut the beef to your specs.
    4. When the meat is packaged and frozen, the butcher will let you know that it’s ready for pick up!  You’ll send Jako Farm a check for the cost of the meat and pay the butcher for processing.

    A full freezer makes meals easier

    There’s a feeling that comes with a full freezer, and it rivals a superpower.  (I’m not joking about this.)  You can make anything as long as you have the meat.

    Sides/quarters are limited, so place your order now!  We only butcher from June through August and we have a limited number of beef to butcher.  After that, it’ll be until next spring before this offer comes around again.

    Sign me up for a side of beef
    Sign me up for a quarter beef
    Also… this deal will soon be available for bulk JakoPure pork and lamb as well.  Imagine, all that goodness in your freezer.  You might as well put on your glass slippers now and ask your family to refer to you as Queen Mama.

    P.S.  Bull calves for sale

    Interested in raising your own calf?  Contact Robyn at 620-663-1470 or robyn@jakofarm.com.

    P.P.S.  An Easter recipe you won’t want to miss

    Oh, you’re not Julia Childs?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  A show-stopping leg of lamb recipe is coming your way soon.

    Here’s to full freezers and family dinners!

    Kendra Horst
    Jako Farm

    (If you’re wanting the details about how your JakoPure food is grown or raised, keep reading.)

    The JakoPure Standard

    Your family deserves pure food you can trust,  That’s why, for three generations, Jako Farm has grown grass-based food with purpose and care.  Everything in our farm store is 100% JakoPure– inspected and approved by customers who expect the very best.

    Our Guiding Standards:

    • Our animals live on pasture year-round, in low stress and respectful growing conditions.
    • Our food surpasses organic standards.  We do not use GMOs, chemicals, or growth hormones.
    • Our farming practices strive to improve– not deplete– the health of the soil, water, and ecosystem.
    • We maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
    • We are transparent in all of our farming practices.
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