• Three things I’m excited about in 2019

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    Hi guys,

    I’m Robyn, co-owner of Jako Farm.  My favorite place on the farm is in pasture with my cow, Mabel. I love cooking real food. I’m grateful I can include my 3-year-old in my work. (I’m also grateful Grandma Judy and Grandpa Ken love to be with him sometimes, too. It takes a village.)  My current passion is learning about soil health and how it effects human health.

    Daniel and I took over ownership of Jako Farm four years ago. We’ve dreamed and struggled and been stretched to figure out what we want this farm to be. We are really excited about what we have planned for this next year.  Here are three things you can look forward to in 2019:

    1.  You’re now a member

    You have gone out of your way to find us, find the time to come here, and adapt to some some different ways of thinking about food. (Who knew about frozen milk, right?)  We believe so strongly in the power of connecting with your food that we’ve decided to put it into action.  Starting in 2019, you are no longer a customer, you’re a member of Jako Farm.  With membership comes the privilege of having greater access to our farm and our farmers.  (Read more below).  We also trust that, as a member, you’ll help hold us to high standards of cleanliness, transparency, and social responsibility.

    2.  It’s your farm, explore it

    We’re really excited to create some experiential components to Jako Farm throughout the year.  We’re exploring preschool story time and beginning music classes, for starters.  We also want to provide some unstructured times for you to explore the woodlands and river bottoms of Jako Farm.  There is so much to see and do, and when you’re in nature, boredom ceases to exist.

    3.  Compost can help regenerate the soil

    Our theme for 2019 is “Rejuvenate the Soil.”  We’re joining the worldwide movement of people who are focused on regenerative agriculture.  In simple terms, we believe that the health of all humankind (and our world) begins with returning the soil to proper health.  You can partner with this!  Very soon, we’re going to start collecting kitchen and yard waste.  We’ll add it to our compost pile, which will eventually enrich the Jako Farm soil.  You’ll be directing the future health of the food you eat.  Stay tuned for more details.

    You are part of a community who believes healthy living comes though eating real food. On this great journey with you,

    Robyn Mast King
    Jako Farm

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