• The best snacks are back, a surprising animal friendship, and more

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    Leland brings the wheat

    Today, Leland and his son harvested a load of grain in his nearby field and delivered it to Jako Farm.  (In this picture, Daniel is unloading the wheat into an auger, which transfers the grain into our storage tank.)  Leland is one of several local producers that grow the grain for our chicken and pig rations.  He farms using organic practices, although the official certification hasn’t come through yet.  Like Leland, we know and trust our producers and have built relationships with them.  We know their families, their homes, and their fields.  There’s beauty in knowing where your food comes from at every step of the game.

    Squeezable yogurt is back!

    As a mom, these are my best friend.  They’re frozen tubes of vanilla Greek yogurt, which are perfect for snacking on-the-go.  Throw a couple in your beach bag, and after an hour at the splash park they’re thawed and ready to eat!  Our kids absolutely love them!  They also make great ice packs to keep other food cold.  Best of all, they’re back in the farm store!  Get yours now before they’re gone again.  (They’re really hard to keep in stock…)

    Mama cow adopts baby lamb

    This spring during a thunderstorm, a baby lamb adopted Lava the cow as her mama.  We’re not sure how or why it happened, but the two have bonded like a natural-born mother and baby.  The lamb follows Lava everywhere and nurses just like any calf would.  Just this week, the lamb followed Lava and the herd up to the barn to be milked.  Not leaving her mama’s side, the lamb followed Lava into the barn, stood beside her while she was milked, and followed her out the other door and back to pasture.  It’s a beautifully sweet adoption story.

    The JakoPure Standard

    Your family deserves pure food you can trust,  That’s why, for three generations, Jako Farm has grown grass-based food with purpose and care.  Everything in our farm store is 100% JakoPure– inspected and approved by customers who expect the very best.

    Our Guiding Standards:

    • Our animals live on pasture year-round, in low stress and respectful growing conditions.
    • Our food surpasses organic standards.  We do not use GMOs, chemicals, or growth hormones.
    • Our faming practices strive to improve– not deplete– the health of the soil, water, and ecosystem.
    • We maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
    • We are transparent in all of our farming practices.
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