• Pork sides available soon, thanks for a great party, and more

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    Pork sides available soon

    Pigs go to the butcher this week!  Here’s a way to get all the cuts of JakoPure pork (or beef or lamb) for roughly the price of ground:

    • Pork sides average 80 lbs per side and will be butchered this week.
    • Beef sides average 210 lbs per side/105 lbs per quarter and will be available June through August.
    • Whole lambs average 50 lbs whole and will be butchered in November.

    Reply to this email and let me know how many sides I can reserve for you! No money is due until butchering.

    Thanks for a fun party!

    To every one of you who came to the farm on Monday, a huge THANK YOU for being a part of it!  We thoroughly enjoyed the chats, the ideas-sharing, and the camaraderie.   Sharing our farm with you is one of the biggest joys of the year.  Follow us on Instagram (@jakofarm) to see pictures from the party!

    It’s bee-swarm time…

    This is the time of year when healthy bee colonies divide.  The queen bee takes a large group of worker bees from the hive and looks for a new home, leaving the hive to repopulate under the direction of a young queen.  When this happens, the bees that have left form a swarm (upper left).  If you see a swarm. please call us!  We can harvest bee swarms and transplant them to hives at Jako Farm.  In the upper right picture, you’ll see that we use a retrofitted vacuum to carefully suck bees from the swarm and deposit them into the new hive.  Call Robyn at 620-663-1470 with questions or swarm information.

    The JakoPure Standard

    Your family deserves pure food you can trust,  That’s why, for three generations, Jako Farm has grown grass-based food with purpose and care.  Everything in our farm store is 100% JakoPure– inspected and approved by customers who expect the very best.

    Our Guiding Standards:

    • Our animals live on pasture year-round, in low stress and respectful growing conditions.
    • Our food surpasses organic standards.  We do not use GMOs, chemicals, or growth hormones.
    • Our faming practices strive to improve– not deplete– the health of the soil, water, and ecosystem.
    • We maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
    • We are transparent in all of our farming practices.
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