• The powerful nutrition of early spring milk, peek at the party menu, and more

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    Early spring milk is packed with omega-3s

    Have you noticed that the flavor of the fresh milk has changed slightly in the last week?  It’s a result of the beautiful rain, which has caused a surge of grass growth, which is creating the richest, most beautiful milk!  Early spring milk is the most nutrient dense milk you’ll drink all year, because early spring grasses are the most nutritious    As the grasses grow and mature, the flavor of the milk will slightly adapt and mellow… but for now, take advantage of those dense omega-3s and drnk up!  As a reminder, all of our fresh milk is A2 milk, which contain the healthiest and most easily digestible proteins.

    The great compost experiment

    Daniel and Robyn returned from a soil health conference motivated to do more for Jako Farm’s soil health. You may have noticed a large mound covered with a white tarp on the edge of the farm. Have no fear, this is not silage; this is future compost!  Daniel and Ken have mixed a variety of green and brown matter, inoculated it with JakoPure whey, added 40% moisture, and are letting it “steep” for two months. Once the compost has fermented we will spread it over our pastures to add beneficial living organisms to the soil. Stay turned to see how this experiment turns out!  See pictures below.

    Sneak a peek at the Memorial Day menu

    We’re quickly pulling together all the details for our annual Memorial Day farm party on Monday, May 28!  We’ll have food tents where you can sample lots of JakoPure foods, hayrides, kids’ games and activities, silo climbing, and more.  Here are some of the many JakoPure foods you’ll be able to sample:

    • JakoPure butter and cheeses on whole wheat Crust & Crumb baguette
    • Grilled JakoPure chicken breast on a mixed greens salad from Simple Abundance Farm
    • JakoPure lamb meatballs with a garlic yogurt sauce
    • JakoPure pulled pork wraps
    • And more!

    The meal will include GF, DF, vegetarian and paleo options.  The whole event is free, so join us from 10am-2pm!  (This is a good opportunity to bring friends that are interested in Jako Farm, too.)

    The JakoPure Standard

    Your family deserves pure food you can trust,  That’s why, for three generations, Jako Farm has grown grass-based food with purpose and care.  Everything in our farm store is 100% JakoPure– inspected and approved by customers who expect the very best.

    Our Guiding Standards:

    • Our animals live on pasture year-round, in low stress and respectful growing conditions.
    • Our food surpasses organic standards.  We do not use GMOs, chemicals, or growth hormones.
    • Our faming practices strive to improve– not deplete– the health of the soil, water, and ecosystem.
    • We maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
    • We are transparent in all of our farming practices.
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