• Healthy holiday snacks, how to use sour dairy, and more

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    Transform your holiday snacking

    We’ll all indulge in a little extra this holiday season, and it’s a great time to teach your family and friends that snacks can be healthy!  Here are a few of our favorites:

    • Fruit dipped in Jako raw vanilla Greek yogurt
    • Jako raw cheese cubes with soaked/sprouted crackers
    • Jako butter buttons, in peppermint, cinnamon, chocolate, or chocolate mint

    Also grab a few Jako kefir pops to reset your gut if you’ve eaten too much junk food!

    Don’t throw out the sour dairy!

    If you have yogurt, kefir, or milk that’s gone sour, don’t throw it away!  Even though the flavor has changed, it’s still power-packed with good nutrition.  Here’s my favorite way to use up sour dairy products:

    Hearty Oatmeal Pancakes
    Combine 2 c. organic rolled oats with 2 c. sour dairy (kefir, plain or vanilla yogurt, Greek yogurt, milk, or a combo).  Soak in the fridge overnight.
    In the morning, add:
    2 eggs
    1/4 c organic oil
    2 T honey or raw sugar
    1t baking powder
    1t soda
    1/2 t cinnamon
    1/4 t salt
    1/2 c flour (optional, for thicker pancakes)
    Blend in the blender for smoother batter, or just use as is!
    Fry in a hot skillet and serve with maple syrup.

    Last call for whole lamb

    Lambs will go to the butcher next week!  Buying whole lamb means you’ll get all the cuts that come from a lamb (rack, chops, leg, etc), for about $8.50/lb– that’s just slightly higher than ground lamb in the store. Simply put, it’s a great deal!  One lamb will yield about 45 lbs of meat for a total cost of about $400.  Reply to this email and let me know how many lambs I can reserve for you!

    The JakoPure Standard

    Your family deserves pure food you can trust,  That’s why, for three generations, Jako Farm has grown grass-based food with purpose and care.  Everything in our farm store is 100% JakoPure– inspected and approved by customers who expect the very best.

    Our Guiding Standards:

    • Our animals live on pasture year-round, in low stress and respectful growing conditions.
    • Our food surpasses organic standards.  We do not use GMOs, chemicals, or growth hormones.
    • Our faming practices strive to improve– not deplete– the health of the soil, water, and ecosystem.
    • We maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation.
    • We are transparent in all of our farming practices.
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