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    Good gut bacteria promotes overall health
    The health of your gut largely determines your overall health, mood, and weight.  Processed, highly sweetened and “sterile” foods are detrimental to gut health, while raw, whole, unprocessed foods promote a healthy gut.  Read more here from Mercola.com.

    Mamas growing babies
    All of our animals are taking a rest in the pasture right now, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening!  All of our mama sheep and cattle are pregnant, progressing toward an April delivery.  Cattle have a 283 day gestation (roughly the same as a human baby), while sheep average 145 days.

    Why do we run out of things?
    Because we’re a seasonal farm, we only harvest during the appropriate season for each crop.  Beef are butchered in the summer.  Apples are harvested in September.  Stocks are made in the fall when the carrots and onions ripen.  That supply carries us through until the next year’s harvest.  This is why, as we run out of things in the farm store, we can’t just get more right away.  But it’s an opportunity to get creative.  If one of your favorites is sold out, try something else!  I often find a new favorite by being forced out of my cooking routine.

    Kendra Horst
    Jako Farm

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