• Farm Fresh Weekly, July 16, 2012

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    Farm Fresh Weekly

    Freezer nearly complete
    We are nearly finished with the addition to our walk-in freezer, which will double our freezer capacity.  In addition to standard shelving, the new space is fitted with floor-to-ceiling wire bins, which will help us store frozen milk much more efficiently.  The extra space is very timely, as the existing freezer is nearly full for the winter already!

    In memory
    This week we pay our respects to Willy Kilmer, who passed away earlier this week.  Willy was a mentor to Ken during the early years of developing and selling electric fence, and the two continued to be good friends ever since.  “Willy Wire,” as he was known in the fencing community, you will be missed.

    Stories from the farm
    Last week, we shared about the predator who invaded one layer chick pen, killing all 150 chicks.  This week, much to our dismay, the animal returned, killing and burying the entirety of the other pen of layer chicks!  We called in the local trapper who set three traps, catching a large (and quite angry) badger.  Even though the badger wiped out our new flock of laying hens, one chicken “emerged from the dead” and was found happily clucking around the layer pen the next day.  She must have dug herself out of the mass burial site, but now, what to do with one chicken?

    Healthy food for healthy living.

    The King Family
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